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We pride ourselves on offering the most premium experience possible of the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. We use only top-quality boats and equipment kept in pristine condition. We have even partnered with local limousine and helicopter companies to bring you to our starting destination no matter where you choose to stay. Our premium catering partners ensure that every aspect of your adventure, including your dining, is the best possible experience. 

Unlike other charter companies, we go where the fish are. We don’t wait for them to come to us.

We closely monitor weather and fish patterns. Within the week following your trip, we will call you with the most recent weather report and launch point. We choose differing launch points along the river so that you have the best chance of chasing down your fish.

Committed to conserving the environment and the species we respect the most, we are members of the Sturgeon Society and Adopt a Fish program. Learn more.

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Growing up on and fishing the Fraser River, owner Mike Neufeld is one of only five accredited guides on the Fraser Cascade waters. Known for helping his guests to reel in some of the biggest fish in the Fraser.

Part of the tagging program for 15 years, Mike has tagged and released over 10,000 fish. Learn more about our commitment and contribution to the conserving the environment and sturgeon here.

All single-guided trips are guided by Mike. If you have a multi-boat trip or corporate event we bring in only the best guides in the business who share our values for premium equipment and experiences

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White sturgeon have been around as long as dinosaurs and even survived the Ice Age. They can reach over 6 meters, weigh over 600 kilograms and can live for over 150 years.

Sturgeon do not have natural predators, but females do not reach reproduction age until 15 years old and even then spawn only ever 4 to 10 years.

White sturgeon are one of only few year-round resident species of fish in the lower Fraser River, making it possible to fish every season.

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We use only premium equipment kept in pristine condition. Our boats are heated and covered, and we provide top-of-the-line fishing gear.

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