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Committed to conserving the environment and species we respect the most, we are members of British Columbia’s Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society and Adopt-a-Fish program.

White sturgeon have been around as long as dinosaurs and survived the Ice Age. They can reach over 6 meters, weigh over 600 kilograms and can live for over 150 years. Although resilient, overfishing has led to their decline over the years. 

Sturgeon do not have natural predators, but females do not reach reproduction age until 15 years old and even then spawn only ever 4 to 10 years. Overfishing in previous years has caused their numbers to decrease.

Through our catch and release program our guests to experience the thrill of hunting, setting and reeling in pre-historic species, while automatically being part of the conservation of the species. Every fish we reel in is scanned, tagged and measured to help manage and restore the wild species.

Through the Adopt a Fish program, you can even adopt one of your catches to learn about the fish you have sponsored, track its travels and receive updates. 

By volunteering for these worthy programs, our company and guests have helped to collect important information to help the Society to monitor and assess the sturgeons’ wellbeing, and increase public education to promote and understand the great white sturgeon.

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